About Us

Malibu Geothermal Install 3GeoSource Foundation is an Environmental and Renewable Energy Foundation located in Southern California that designs, engineers, installs and finances renewable energy systems for existing and new construction commercial and industrial buildings.

The renewable energy systems we implement include geothermal heating, cooling and hot water production systems, enthalpy wheels, solar, energy and thermal storage devices (electrical storage/batteries), atmospheric water boxes (create water from the air), and LED Lighting.

The goals of the Foundation are to promote, encourage and successfully demonstrate the efficiency of renewable energy systems that substantially reduce our client’s energy bills, massively reduce our client’s carbon footprint and help our clients avoid “peak rate pricing” and “variable demand charges” from their utility providers.

To effectively do this we;

EDUCATE: Most Directors of Facilities and Facilities personnel implement and apply archaic 1990’s energy efficiency practices, most of which do not include renewable energy installations/applications and do very little to reduce their carbon footprint. It is our aim and goal to educate Facilities personnel and help them through the learning curve, especially with regard to geothermal ground source heat pumps.

CONDUCT ENERGY AUDITS: Our Foundation concedes that not all types of renewable energy applications are a good fit for every building. The only way to know which renewable energy systems make economic and financial sense are to complete an energy audit and build models from that base. Some of our clients are in the fortunate financial position to disregard financial viability when considering renewable energy applications, they just want to be “green” and thus move forward with installations regardless of financial considerations. For most Institutional and Corporate clients however, monetary considerations are usually at the forefront of the decision to implement renewable energy applications/installations and reducing their carbon footprint or being “green” is secondary. With GeoSource Foundation, our clients enjoy renewable energy systems that really work and save money, substantially reduce their carbon footprint and are financially viable.

DESIGN & ENGINEER SYSTEMS: Every building and/or campus is different. One design or one type of engineered project certainly does not fit all. Design and Engineering is the single largest factor in a project being successful or a financial disaster as small mistakes in this arena can ruin an entire project financially. Our team has more experience in the geothermal ground source heat pump industry than any other firm in the U.S., and have designed and engineered some of the largest systems globally without a single failed system. Our team provides great peace of mind that the design and engineering will be sound and removes much of the “fear factor” most decision makers have with geothermal and energy and thermal storage devices.

INSTALL: We install the systems we design and engineer. For retrofits of existing buildings which is 80% of our business, the transition is fairly “seamless”, with minimal if any downtime.

FINANCE: We can finance 100% of our installations for clients who desire not to spend or invest their own money. In this case, we act as Owner/Developer and we maintain the systems which also enables some of our clients to also save on Maintenance and Facilities personnel costs. We can not finance systems which we do not design and engineer.

Clients typically realize a double digit energy savings and a carbon footprint reduction of nearly 80%.

Our principals and personnel have designed, engineered, installed and/or financed well in excess of 60% of all U.S. Military Base renewable energy installations over the past 26 years.

In the Geothermal and Energy & Thermal Storage Device arenas, we are not only the best team in the entire country, but we are also by far, the most experienced.


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