Atmospheric Water Boxes

Distilling Ocean Water/Collecting SamplesWhy Desalinization, when this is an option?A solution that is “REAL”, AND WORKS!Produces “Potable Water” from any Polluted Water Source!

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Atmospheric Water Boxes (slang name “Arabian Water Boxes”), create potable and irrigation water from the air, or literally, out of thin air! No matter where on the planet you are, there is always moisture in the air. Small residential units which measure 8ft in length, 18 inches wide and 14 inches deep, can create and produce between 150 – 300 gallons per 24 hour period and look like planter boxes. In fact, in many residential applications, they are the base for planter boxes. Water can be stored in a tank, either above ground or buried below ground, and can also be fitted with a small or large pumping station for use with a sprinkler or irrigation system, to increase water pressure, or to deliver the water from where it is created to more than 1000 yards away per pumping station.

The largest units manufactured today are the size of a large box truck, and can produce more than 10,000 gallons per day and have been used by the U.S. Military in Iraq, Afghanistan and other regions of the world where fresh water by other means is non-existent. All units, regardless of size need a consistent and uninterrupted small amount of electricity to operate a fan over a coil which is what pulls the moisture from the air. For the U.S. Military, electrical generators are used, but large units can also operate on solar power and can run 24/7 if fitted with an energy and thermal storage device (an electrical storage device), which stores power generated from solar, for use at night or when the skies are overcast and solar is not productive.

Atmospheric Water Boxes have been around for a very long time, it is not a new technology. With looming concerns in drought areas and water adjudication on the horizon in California, this technology and implementation is financially viable and can completely mitigate water issues for farmers, real estate developers, and large cities and counties, provided there is an ample delivery system either on site, or adjacent to, installations. Atmospheric water box fields may soon become as dominant as solar fields in regions like California. They are inexpensive to implement, require almost ZERO maintenance, and have a life cycle of more than 50 years! Currently, the only inhibitors for large water boxes are space, storage and delivery!

Besides AWG’s, GeoSource Foundation is currently developing large scale AWG’s for Inland areas, and is also implementing large scale implementation of Ocean Water Distilling Panels (OWDP’s), on a Global Scale.

Beta testing has already been completed on OWDP’s and they are Patented. These panels can produce 90 Gallons of pure, “Potable Water” for every 100 Gallons of Ocean Water distilled and our only R.O. (Reject Out/Waste), is salt! Annual Demand for salt is growing at a rate of 3.5% Globally. Unlike Desalinization Plants, OWDP’s do NOT reject water 3 times more salty back into the Ocean, which is harmful to the Marine and Aquatic Life and also to the surrounding Eco Systems near Desalinization Plants.

In addition, OWDP’s use ZERO Energy in some applications, or very little Energy on large scale commercial applications, and, when Energy is required, OWDP’s run on Renewable Energy Power like Geothermal Heat Sink/Loop Field, Solar, and Energy and Thermal Storage Devices. In either application, OWDP’s have ZERO Carbon Footprint.

Early Beta Tests of OWDP’s were completed at a Carpet Mill. OWDP’s were able to remove dyes from the water, filter the water used in dying carpet, and the dye was then dried and both could be re-used by the Factory, resulting in an enormous savings, not only from water savings, but also from their ability to re-use the dyes, in some instances, several times.

OWDP’s have also proven to be able to produce “Potable Water” from Brackish and polluted water and used in Third World Countries in very rural areas.

In September of 2014, another Beta Test was completed with a sample of water pulled from the Salton Sea/Lake in California, which has a well documented history of very high Salinity. Pure Drinking Water was also produced from this body of Water using OWDP’s, the only known/documented such occurrence.

In December of 2014, GeoSource Foundation will be doing another Beta Test with OWDP’s in California with Frac Water. Expected results are that we can return at least 50% of the water to the Oil Company for re-use.

There are many uses for OWDP’s, small and large, which are yet to be realized.

In the Alternative Water Generation Systems Industry, GeoSource Foundation arguably has the most experienced team on the planet, with more patented systems and products, that produce more water, in ANY Environment, with more installations Globally, than ANY OTHER Company or Firm!


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