Energy & Thermal Storage Devices

Energy & Thermal Storage Devices are essentially energy storage devices, or in Layman’s terms, a “battery”. They come in a vast variety of sizes. The larger the device, the more energy they can both store and disperse. The largest units GeoSource Foundation typically installs are the size of a large box truck and can store up to 3 Megawatts of electricity and disperse up to 500 kilo-watts per hour. They function in two ways;

1 – They can store excess power produced by solar, so that during the night or when the skies are overcast and installed solar is not producing electricity, there is still power to draw on. Ideally, we recommend our clients have at least a 10 day reserve of electrical energy stored.

2 – The devices are also tied to the “grid”, so they can be re-charged at night, when energy costs less and our clients can avoid “peak rate pricing” and “variable demand charges”. These devices have less than 1/10th of 1% degradation over about a 30 year life and have virtually ZERO maintenance.

Energy & Thermal Storage Device Demo Video

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