Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Malibu_geo_installMalibu Geothermal Install 2Malibu Geothermal Install 1Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems are 400% – 600% efficient versus conventional HVAC systems which are 85% efficient at best on commercial/industrial units. In addition, conventional HVAC systems lose 3%- 5% efficiency each year starting the day they are installed. Geothermal systems have near zero degradation over a 40 – 50 year life cycle.

As a general rule of thumb, 60% – 70% of all electrical energy consumed on most commercial buildings is for space conditioning, (heating, cooling, ventilation). With geothermal systems, that number is typically reduced to 10% – 20%.

Geothermal systems have an added, energy efficient benefit that conventional HVAC systems do not offer in that they can provide an unlimited amount of hot water without natural gas/gas fired boilers, etc… For hospitals, hotels and dorms, geothermal systems are ideal and far superior to all other heating, cooling and hot water production systems available.

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